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Liability insurance

Liability policies often give rise to claims that date back months, or even years after an incident occurred. A gap in such insurance can therefore lead to significant financial losses as a result of legal costs and law suits.

Below we provide tips to assist you in mitigating your businesses liability exposures:

  • Ensure that your policy is renewed annually.
  • Make a list of all new activities, products, services and developments that have occurred in the business over a period of a year and advise your intermediary or insurer.
  • Be sure to disclose any new business territories.
  • Report any and every incident that has occurred and could possible result in litigation of claims for damages.
  • In the event that the business is sold, ensure that run-off cover is taken to cover any potential claim which may occur after the sale, but happened during the period of ownership.
  • Ensure that limits selected are sufficient to cover legal defence cost as well as any potential award in the event of a claim.

Contact our offices should you wish to revise your liability cover or if you require any additional advice regarding your liability insurance cover.

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March 15, 2016

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