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Online shopping at this time of year needs more security-awareness. Black Friday is the perfect opportunity for cybercriminals to take advantage. 

In order to make their scams a success, fraudsters need to lure their potential victims to fake webpages and obtain their bank details. To do this, attackers register website domains, often containing the magic phrase ‘Black Friday’ and keep their registration data hidden.

Their sites are usually well designed and appear to be genuine and of high quality. Unlike many old typo-filled spam emails, phishing web pages are relatively easy to make look authentic – scammers can simply copy the source code from the real store’s website and make theirs appear to be a near-perfect match.

Domain addresses are usually hidden until the event itself, so they are not blocked in advance by antivirus software vendors. The scam website is then activated immediately before the phishing mail goes out…

Please see the below tips on how to stay safe as a consumer.

Avoid shopping from websites that appear suspicious or flawed

Don’t click on unfamiliar links you receive in emails or social media messages

If it is not the official brand’s website domain, do not click on the link

Hover over the linked text in the email or message and see which URL it will actually open

Invest in a robust cybersecurity solution to protect all your devices

Reduce the amount of funds you have in your bank in your bank and online accounts

Restrict the number of attempted transactions on your bank card

Use two-factor authentication

These valuable tips come to you from Phishield

Please contact AIB Cape or your broker directly, should you wish to discuss this risk.

November 11, 2020

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