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Cell Phone Scam

 Dear Client  
Santam, sent us the communication, highlighting tactics used by fraudsters in cell phone scams (used on you, the client).    We believe you can benefit from reading the full communication, as being aware of these tactics will assist you in identifying and avoiding potential risk.  

We wish to alert you about a possible cellphone scam targeting Santam clients that we have become aware of. We request that you advise all clients about this scam urgently.

Scam details: A client received a call on her cellphone from an individual pretending to be calling from Santam. The individual advised the client that she must pay an amount of money into an account. The client informed the individual that she would contact her intermediary to confirm the payment request, upon which the call was immediately ended. Be aware do not make any payments before validating such requests. Do not click on any links.

If you or your staff need any further assistance, please contact your relationship manager.

Phishing. Phishing is when a malicious party sends a fraudulent email disguised as a legitimate email, often purporting to be from a trusted source. The message is meant to trick the recipient into installing malware on his or her computer or device, or sharing personal or financial information

Social engineering. Social engineering is a non-technical method of intrusion fraudsters use that relies heavily on human interaction and often involves tricking people into disclosing confidential information. Social engineering is normally done telephonically to gain the victim’s trust

Please contact us should you have any queries.
Kind Regards
AIB Cape 

August 2, 2021

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   Dear Client   We would like to remind you that SASRIA requires you to submit all SASRIA related incidents, within 30 days of the event/s. SASRIA is a state owned enterprise, that covers events like riots, strikes, public disorder, civil commotion and terrorism, that occur within the RSA – the riots and civil commotion that took place in KZN and Gauteng recently, are a good example.   This is important (if you have suffered a loss), as your claim will be rejected if you do not comply with SASRIA’s contractual requirements.   Please contact us should you have any queries.  

August 2, 2021

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