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Are you aware of your duties under the National Small Vessel Safety Regulations?

Vessels with the marking SA or ZA sailing in international waters: Please be aware that Insurers have advised that compliance with SAMSA regulations is a prerequisite of cover, as far as the Merchant Shipping Act (Small Vessel Safety) Regulations 2007 applies. We wish to draw your attention to the requirements of Marine notice 36 of 2016 which details the Certificate of Fitness requirements. At each renewal a copy of the Certificate of Fitness or equivalent certification will be required for their records.

The Merchant Shipping (National Small Vessel Safety) Regulations, 2007, place the onus on the owner and in some cases the master as well, to ensure that the vessel and the crew comply with the requirements of the regulations at all times.

SAMSA website:


No Vessels (with engines >15hp and sailing vessels of >9m) are to be operated without a Certificate of Fitness in compliance with, and as described more fully, in the Merchant Shipping Act (Small Vessel Safety) Regulations 2007.

The Certificate of Fitness will state the following information:

• The Name of the Vessel
• The marking / registration number assigned to the vessel
• The name identity number and address of the owner of the vessel
• The type and category of the vessel
• The overall length of the vessel
• The maximum number of persons permitted to be carried on the vessel

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May 28, 2019

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