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We help you create and preserve your wealth through a complete wealth management offering.

Glacier represents the Sanlam Group in the affluent market. We cater for the full spectrum of wealth management needs, from local and international investing and stockbroking and pre- and post-retirement solutions, to insurance and fiduciary services. To help ensure optimal results for our clients, we:
  • Work together with experts and respected financial planners to create a sustainable financial plan for you
  • Customise our solutions to meet your specific needs
  • Give you access to a wide range of financial services providers
  • Adhere to best financial and governance practice
  • Deliver superior client service

Social Investment

We care about our communities and environment.

We invest in our communities and constantly evaluate our activities to ensure that we remain socially responsible and environmentally conscious.

"At Sanlam, sustainable business and corporate responsibility are key parts of the company's philosophy which is founded on an inherent belief that we are because we serve. In this context everything we do is centred on our duty to be successful in economic, social and ecological terms."
Valli Moosa, Chairman of Social, Ethics and Sustainability Committee

Glacier supports initiatives dedicated to caring for and protecting children in need, the alleviation of poverty and the relief of suffering animals.

Glacier Investment Solutions

Grow your savings through our wide range of investments that cater for different needs.

It doesn’t matter how much you want to invest or the level of risk you feel comfortable with. We offer a wide range of investment opportunities in South Africa and internationally, including unit trust funds, asset classes and underlying investments from top performing asset managers. This extensive range together with a high degree of flexibility means you will find a solution that is suitable for you. We recommend speaking to a financial planner to help you decide which investments to choose and how to invest with us.

Personal Retirement

Three people were offered their perfect life, but they turned it down.

The perfect life. It’s what we all strive for.

A life where you follow all your passions with enough time and money to enjoy them. In fact, it’s very close to what your retirement might look like. Unfortunately, very few people save enough for their retirement, mostly because it appears abstract, intangible and too far into the future.

And because it’s intangible, we reassure ourselves that our monthly deductions off our payslips and a certain amount of investment is enough. But how much do we really need? If you could find out what your contributions add up to in the form of a monthly salary once you retire, surely you would be inspired to plan for the life you want?

You actually have two salaries.

The one you have now plus the one you will have when you retire.

We have designed a simple calculator to work out your retirement salary based on your monthly contributions and savings. Obviously, it’s a conservative ball-park figure, but it is enough for you to gauge just how much you will need to actually put away for your perfect life.

It’s also far better to find out now and make plans to improve your retirement salary, before it's too late.

International Investments

Expand your investment scope by diversifying your portfolio across countries and currencies.

Investing offshore enables you to benefit from opportunities that are not available locally. Diversifying your portfolio also protects you from the risks of rand depreciation as well as political and economic risk. We know investors have different needs and preferences when it comes to choosing and managing investments, and we cater for these differences:

  • Guided solutions – if you don’t have much investment experience and don’t want to make investment decisions yourself
  • Self-directed solutions – if you are a skilled and knowledgeable investor and want to select your own funds


Get direct access to local and international markets at low costs.

Our share trading service gives you cost-efficient access to respected stockbrokers who can manage your share portfolio according to your needs. You choose how involved you want to be in the decisions about your share portfolio.

Glacier Short-term Insurance Solutions

Protect the things you own from unforeseen events so that you can maintain your lifestyle.

If you need to replace any of your assets, it’s important to know that this can be done quickly and properly. The right insurance can help minimise the disruptions to your lifestyle when things go wrong. Short-term insurance forms a vital part of your overall financial plan. We offer commercial, corporate and industrial, as well as personal insurance solutions.